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This is a pretend demo website which incorporates our customer portal milk ordering system. This website gives an idea of how your website can be used with the MDS system and how you can increase sales, save time and labour, reduce phone calls and keep milkmen happy.


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Home Essentials

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Get Fresh Milk and Produce Delivered
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Have fresh milk and products delivered to your door. You can order by simply using our customer area portal. Here you can set up an account instantly, start ordering milk, view our other products and much much more.

Traditional Milk Dairy

Have fresh milk and products delivered to your door. You can order by calling 01268 777 497, email or using our online service to manage deliveries from the comfort of your own home or office.


We have been making computer software since 2008 for various business’s from booking systems to boat companies, bespoke software websites and now the milk industry,

In 2018 we teamed up with a large east London dairy to relieve them from the burden of paper work and ancient excel spreadsheets.

The MDS system was developed from the ground up involving active milkmen, management and the MDS team actually assisting milkmen on nightly shifts ( phew!)

In March 2020 we launched version 1 of our software to trial with approx 10 companies which was a great success, our latest version 2 software is a vast improvement encasing all the features, benefits and technology that V1 users asked for.

We are very sure you will find our software to be the very best in the roundsman software market. Email us your dairy name and a contact and we will provide you a portal username and password to see all its features


The customer area is fantastic, I can adjust my order right up to 10pm at night, my milkman is now in the current century!

Jane Davies


I have had a milkman for many years but this new technology is so much easier for us customers to use, thank you very much  .

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